Aimga - The Future of Computing, Really!
Aimga 4.0 (Coming Soon!!!)
Typical Modern PC
Come Play Aimga Games With Me! Aimga Never Stop to Entertain!!! Have you been McLied to by the other 'OSes' that claim to have true multitasking and innovative graphics? See the truth here! Aimga 4.0 (Coming Soon!!!) Typical Modern PC Katie Sanbourne of Deerpark, Iowa says: "Thanks Uncle Billy!!! I bought your Aimga Onederful Package G4 1400 package and all my friends were like sooooo jealous! The all have PeeCee's and Macincrashes, and they were amazed at the fact that I left it on for all summer break, and I came back to find it still on and still running!!! You are the best!!! I can't wait until you give me that upgrade you promised me a few months ago!!! Hugs and Kisses, Katie!" Uncle Billy replies: "I'm so glad I got to give you a hardy thumbs up in person, although my thumb is a little sore, AHAR AHAR AHAR AHAR AHAR!!! Take care of yourself and do well in college, remember, I will always have a position open for you at Aimga Inc.!!"
Why choose Aimga for your personal computing experience? See and compare for yourself! AimgaOnederful 1400 - Motherboard (Very similar to PC boards), G4 slot (Please find your own processor), Ability to add 2 GB of RAM!, Dual IDE ports (supports up to 4 devices!), AT Keyboard port, Serial Mouse port, I Promise(tm) Warranty*(t), Aimga FoursomeOS (Soon to be released!), VGA Monitor Port (Only with optional video card), Conceptual Support for new CD Drives!, CD Software (Freeware - Public Supported), Support for audio (Please help build a sound card), Fast Coax Ethernet (Find add-on card on ebay) Ubeatable Anti-MS Price $899.00

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Aimga is sponsored by 99 Special - which uses OctaMed on the classic Amiga OS to compose it's music, really.
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